Salad Plate (DTA-0-00005 )

Salad Plate (DTA-0-00003 )

Dinner Plate (DTA-0-00002 ) 270mm

Big Plate (DTA-0-00001 )300mm

Mini Sauce(DTA-0-00369 )

MONKEY DISH (S) (DTA-0-00063)

MONKEY DISH (L) (DTA-0-00062 )

Butter Dish (DTA-0-00189)

Sauce Boat (DTA-0-00030)


Elegance Platter (L) (DTA-0-00032)

Elegance Platter (S) (DTA-0-00033)

Fruit Platter (DTA-0-00314)

Soup Plate (DTA-0-00100)

Elegance Platter (M) (DTA-0-00034)

Salad Bowl (DTA-0-00065)

Lid for 2 Portion Bowl DTA-0-00057 | DTA-0-00610

Lid for Portion 1 Bowl (DTA-0-00609) | DTA-0-000609

"J S ENTERPRISES" are generally occupied with the procedure of assembling and sending out an extensive variety of Cockery, Cutlery, Glassare, Kitchen Equipments, Kitchen Accessories, Barware Accessories, Table Accessories & Allied Products.

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